As It Is in Heaven


After the death of the Prophet, a man is called to lead his small religious sect as they anxiously await the end of the world they were promised. Director Joshua Overbay deftly leads audiences down a twisting path of passion and devotion, envy and manipulation in this sympathetic portrayal of a modern-day cult leader and his spiritual convictions. Devoted to a simple life of faith in unforgiving Kentucky backcountry, a small religious sect seeks spiritual awakening as their Prophet (John Lina) nears death and his son, Eamon (Luke Beavers), prepares to step forward as their new leader. But, in his last moments, the Prophet instead names newcomer David (Chris Nelson) as his spiritual successor.

    a cult approaches
    the end of the world

    Released February 3, 2015
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    critic's pick!
    "cooks a surprising amount of tension from the barest minimum of ingredients."
    — new york times

    "a tantalizing experience . . . potent"

    "a disquieting film about testing faith"
    — chicago sun-times

    "the stakes are nothing less than the end of days. . . quietly compelling . . . ominous"
    — hollywood reporter

    "coolly mesmerizing . . . devastating . . . a tale of desperate waiting and longing"
    — seattle times

    "gracefully shot . . . suspenseful and engaging."
    — christianity today

    “absorbing . . . a very interesting and absorbing little movie, and I look forward to bigger things from Joshua Overbay.”
    — david sterritt, chair of the national society of film critics

    ". . . finds its creepy heart in the performance of Chris Nelson, who imbues his fledgling cult leader with deep spiritual feeling and a welcoming humility . . ."
    — the stranger (seattle)

    ". . . joins other recent cult studies in identifying the apocalyptic simmer that runs beneath current American culture. . ."
    — seattle weekly

    "has an Opie-gone-Jonestown look that gets freakier as the movie progresses . . .
    a quietly compelling study of the last days of a religious cult veering toward madness and murder"
    — nashville scene

    "takes [the] main character from the brilliance of enlightenment to the dark places where so many cult leaders end up"
    — the state (south carolina)

    "packs a surprising emotional wallop"
    — sunbreak (seattle)

    "captures a piece of the South without being disrespectful, inauthentic or dependent on cliches"
    — murfreesboro (tennessee) pulse

    "an eerie, quiet dread . . . hangs over the film [and] stays with the viewer"
    — the daily gamecock (south carolina)
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    As It Is in Heaven finally comes home to Kentucky this week and next!

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